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Since sport was born, great record improvements have been achieved . This comes not only as a result of the efforts of sportmen and women but also of technical improvements and the use of more advanced methods. These changes have also touched the world of netting.
At IRC we’ve learnt about the real value of sport, the real goal of competition, to be the first. That’s why we support the incorporation of specialized machinery as well as innovation on manufacturing processes searching for real improvements in the final product
With this catalogue we want to come up with a new concept of netting for sports, making your work easier and faster as per regards to our products.

At IRC we are expert net manufacturers with wide experience in applied technologies. We put together most traditional methods and in R+D+I brings us to the top of the sector regarding technical equipment. We lean on a self owned complete laboratory equipped with all kind of devices for mechanical tests and physic-chemical analysis as well as an ageing chamber that allows us to control directly the characteristics of our products thus offering best quality available. This quality is guaranteed all along the manufacturing process according to a certified Quality Control System ISO 9001:2000

Besides using last generation technical improvements, IRC leans on a highly skilled staff. Professionals having proved knowledge of the product and controlling its production from the raw material till the final delivery to our customer.

We are authorized suppliers of the Spanish Paralimpic Committee and homologated manufacturers of the Volley Ball Federation
We respect our environment, that’s why we use harmless technologies and carry out exhaustive controls on our production processes in order to avoid any damage to our environment