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ISO 9001 Quality System

ISO 9001 Quality Certificate issued by BVQI, Bureau Veritas Quality International, through ENAC and UKAS Quality Management (2001).

ISO 14001 Environmental Management System

ISO 14001 Quality Certificate issued by BVQI, Bureau Veritas Quality International, through ENAC and UKAS Quality Management (2004).

Certified security nets according to the Norm UNE EN 1263-1

IRC manufactures its self certified security nets, according to the Norm UNE EN 1263-1, like indicates the point 10 of this norm.

IRC‘s SeguriNet safety nets are certified quality nets. That is why they are reliable. The purpose of a SeguriNet safety net is to save lives, and this is priceless. Both distributors as well as the people responsible for labour risk prevention are safe with SeguriNet safety nets.

More Guarantee

SeguriNet safety nets comply with products certification requirements specified in the European Standard EN 1263-1 Safety Nets, drawn up by the European Committee for Standardization (CEN TC/53).

There are two types of SeguriNet safety nets: A-2 or B-2, according to European Standard and in virtue of the highest quality. B-2 nets have 20% more initial energy Eo than A-2 nets. Consequently, the customers who are completely committed to quality use B-2 SeguriNet safety nets..

More Quality

As an element in the protection of people falling from a height on construction sites, SeguriNet safety nets are made of top-quality fibres and undergo strict manufacturing processes as specified in IRC‘s ISO 9001 quality management system. In fact, IRC was the first Spanish company in its sector to achieve this certificaction.

More Confidence

The quality of SeguriNet safety nets are tested in different laboratories, as well as under constant supervision in IRC‘s own laboratory.

The Knot offers More Resistance

All fibres used to produce SeguriNet safety nets are of top-quality. They consist of either polyamide, polypropylene or polircsaQ, registered trade mark by IRC.

According to certified laboratories in the European Union, and to the most highly qualified customers, the fundamental quality of the nets is the knot. A knotted net is the one that offers the highest tenacity (breaking load), most resistance to ageing and abrasion, all fundamental factors in construction works.

IRC‘s strong commitment to quality represents the company’s competitive advantage and the basis for the customers’ solid confidence in SeguriNet safety nets.