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Quality Certification

Quality Certification according to the European Standard EN 1263-1

IRC‘s experience in quality is backed up by the ISO 9001 certification issued by AENOR, Bureau Veritas and AIDICO (The Technological Institute for the Introduction of Modern Construction Methods). This allows IRC to certificate the SeguriNet safety nets in accordance with the European Standard 1263-1;10.

To ensure quality and differentiation elements, IRCs SeguriNet safety nets is provided with correct labelling. Apart from the company name, following facts are shown:

1. System (V,S,U or T)
2. Type (A2 or B2)
3. Mesh Shape (square mesh, Q, or diamond mesh, D)
4. Net dimensions
5. Registration number
6. Minimum traction resistance or test mesh
7. Month and year of production
8. Standard EN 1263-1 reference

Guarantee of origin, test guarantees

IRC‘s SeguriNet safety nets are provided with a test rope or a test mesh. These have their own labelling, on which the registration number of the net to which it belongs is reflected.