Type T safety net

The System T net, which consists of a safety net for horizontal use, has been tested and meets the requirements of EN 1263-1. It therefore stops objects weighing up to 100 kg that can fall from a height of 7 m. Since the purpose of these nets is to prevent workers or materials from falling from an open edge. IRC produce 3 standard models:

  • Model 1 is designed to catch objects and debris that may fall from a certain height.
  • Model 2 is designed to arrest the fall of workers and pedestrians who may walk across the site.
  • Model 3 has been designed to extend the catch width of the standard tray, increasing the level of containment provided.

*Standar dimensions: 3,1 m x 4 m and 3,1 m x 6 m. We can also manufacture these nets in the measurements required by the customer.

Sistema T2