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Guaranteed Quality, from start to end

Since its foundation, IRC has been serving the fishing industry, where it has gained the confidence of the leading companies. In trawling as well as in seine fishing, using IRC‘s nets and ropes is a guarantee of quality.

IRC has been present at the World Fishing Exhibition Vigo 2003 as well as the Fishing exhibition in Glasgow since 2002.

IRC‘s collection of samples are known all over Europe and America, which shows the company’s international character.

Apart from the start-to-end quality in IRC‘s rope, twine and net manufacturing, their customer services and after-sales services also add value to the fishing industry.


I IRC uses high quality raw materials in the manufacturing of netting for trawl gears. The physical characteristic of the material in question are always exhaustively proved and verified in our laboratory before its utilization. However, the properties of raw material of polyamide, polyethylene, polyester or special fibres as Dyneema, are verified after the heat setting.

The combination of new-generation AMITA looms and most advanced heat setting processes on the international market, allows us to provide the nets with fundamental properties relative to the extreme tensions that the trawl gear will be exposed to, e.g. knot and mesh stability, special treatments that permit reduction of the shrinking rates of certain materials, and resistance to abrasion provoked during the trawling.

Purse-seine nets

In the purse-seine net manufacturing IRC uses mass dyed materials of high tenacity, diferent techniques of drafting and heat setting. Moreover, we always carry out a thorough verification of the dimensions of the meshes and of the netting.

Knotted nets made of high tenacity materials improve the sinking speed of the purse-seine, adding higher resistance and reducing the need for a large number of nets, as opposed to knotless netting. Knotted nets’ high weight is compensated by less floatbility, less need for ballast and volume, and a smaller risk of break after repair.

Trap nets for tuna

IRC offers maximum resistant and highly versatile netting to be used for any kind of working condition. These characteristis are guaranteed by strict quality criteria in the selection of raw materials and exhaustive controls of each step in the production process. This increases significantly the profitability of a product that, even after being repaired, preserves a high percentage of its original properties.

Ropes & twine

I IRC manufatures a wide range of braided and twisted ropes of different materials and compositions, destined for such different purposes as ballast in purse-seine gears, fish farming or for trawl gears. A combination of physical properties of high quality material, ultra modern rope techniques and a heat setting technology that adapts to each product’s requirements, makes this possible.


Delivery guarantees

It is of vital importance for the fishing sector that the production processes are correctly monitored and that the delivery terms are complied with.That is why IRC is a guarantee for service.

In addittion, IRC has enlarged its customer services to include new supporting services, such as the making-up of tuna fishing gears. As net manufacturer, IRC manages, coordinates and supervises the gear making-up in order to give a more complete support to the tuna fishing fleet.