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our mission, vison and values


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Our mission is to continually raise the level of customer experience by providing the best service and variety, as well as the highest quality and value of product for any sector. Being fishing, aquaculture, security, industrial, sport, leisure, etc.

Our mission is to continually elevate the customer experience by providing exceptional service and a quality and variety of product that is hard to match. And to improve our product and service while maintaining the parameters of our quality and sustainability goals.

“IRC means quality”


To be the most customer-focused company in the sector, giving a totally personalised attention to our customers in order to be always relevant in their projects and to form long-lasting and quality business relationships.

As well as being leaders in innovation and service, without ever renouncing our principles of quality and sustainability. How will we do this?


  • Hiring the best talent and giving them opportunities for growth.
  • Offering high-quality products that really fulfil and satisfy the needs of our customers.


  • Innovation
  • Social responsibility
  • Customer vision
  • Inclusiveness
  • Quality
  • Commitment to environment and sustainability
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More than 25 years of experience in the manufacture of nets and ropes.

Icon 150 People

More than 150 employees on our staff.

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Presence in more than 50 countries around the world.

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We are the first in our sector to obtain ISO 9001 – ISO 14001 certifications from Aenor and Bureau Veritas.